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Bart Got a Room (PG-13: 2008)

Bart Got a Room (PG-13: 2008) Director: Brian Hecker. Starring: William H. Macy … Ernie Stein;
Cheryl Hines … Beth Stein; Steven Kaplan … Danny Stein (as Steven J. Kaplan); Alia Shawkat … Camille; Chad Jamian Williams … Bart Beeber; and many others.
Its another one of those coming-to-age movies about nerds, the prom, and high school. It carries its humor as it tells the tale about Danny Stein who is a virgin loser who books a hotel room for him and his date for prom so he could lose his virginity. Problem of course for the nerd is that he has no date yet, just the plans. He’s aiming higher than his acceptable standard, and ignores his best friend who does like him and is interested. Of course he’s double-crossed by his other best friend. Interesting high school fun in the genre of American Pie. Rating: 3 stars out of 5.

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Video Vixens (R/NR/X: 1975)

Video Vixens
(R/NR/X: 1975) * Director: Henri Pachard. Starring: Keith Luckett … Gordon Jr., James Walters … Newscaster, Harrison Phillips … Gordon Gordon, Norman Fields … Clifford Bradley, Cheryl ‘Rainbeaux’ Smith … ‘Twinkle Twat Girl’, and many more …

Another film I wouldn’t have seen if I wasn’t on a movie marathon in watching films that my cousin Cheryl ‘Rainbeaux’ Smith acted in (Twinkle Twat commercial). This is a Troma film classic. For its time, it was rated NR or X, but in this day and age is rated R. A 1975 softcore sex comedy directed by Ron Sullivan under the pseudonym Henri Pachard that is currently distributed by Troma Entertainment. Its all about a mad Director who thinks there is a conspiracy in the government to suppress humankind of the sexual urge and expression. Ticked off by one of his film studio’s movie critics, he’s out to get his television broadcast station WKLITT to broadcast a stag film award show. Presented in the film are several vignettes of stag films intermingled with the preparation of the show, clips from fictional movies, and parodies of sex product commercials. It had its humorous moments, but overall failed to enchant me. Rating: 2.75 stars out of 5.

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