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My Dead Girlfriend (2006: R)

My Dead Girlfriend (R: 2006)

Director: Brett Kelly. Starring: Ralph Gethings … Man in Woods; Brett Kelly … Steve; Caitlin Delaney … Amy; Jody Haucke … Garry; John Muggleton … Carl; Anastasia Kimmett … Vanessa; and others.

With zombie movies you’ll either love it or hate it. This one has no class, no talent, and no pizazz. Its a knock off of the comical “My Boyfriend’s Back” as well, a poor one at that point. Its about a bumbling idiot named Steve who accidentally backs over his very cut girlfriend Amy. Since Amy is a witch and has tons of spellbooks abound, he figures he’d use the books to resurrect Amy. Of course, Amy comes back as a flesh craving zombie who winds up devouring all his friends. But love has heart and he lets her munch on himself. Very bady writing, amateur performances, and extremely low budget. 1.5 stars out of 5.

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RetarDead (NR: 2008)

Retardead (NR: 2008)

Director: Rick Popko, Dan West. Starring: Rick Popko … Deputy Rick / Porn Actress / Doctor / Ripper Detective; Tony Adams … Agent Russo; Michael Allen … Institute Director; Shamika Baker … Living Dead Girl; Jello Biafra … Mayor Anton Sinclaire; Scott Britton … F.B.I agent; and others.
The film’s name defines the quality of this flick … in the same genre as Tromo films, a really bad zombie flick gone poop. In a sense it is Rick Popko and Dan West’s sequel to their faecal flick Monsturd. Its about the mad Dr. Stern who is performing whacked experiments on special needs students that turns them into flesh craving zombies. The town descends into chaos dealing with the undead. Poor effects and low budget. The directors actually star in the film as the idiotic deputies. It has its moments of humor for some, but didn’t captivate my attention much at all. Its gory, in a cheap fake sense, and vile. 1.5 stars out of 5.

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My Boyfriends Back (PG: 1993)

My Boyfriend’s Back

(PG: 1993)

Director: Bob Balaban. Starring: Andrew Lowery … Johnny; Traci Lind … Missy McCloud; Danny Zorn … Eddie; Edward Herrmann … Mr. Dingle; Mary Beth Hurt … Mrs. Dingle; Jay O. Sanders … Sheriff McCloud; and others.

With the same late 80’s/early 90’s comedy flair, “My Boyfriend’s Back” is a classic black comedy about a teen named Johnny Dingle who, in love with a girl named Missy McCloud, from childhood, dies before he can profess his love to her. His love is so strong he returns from the grave to take her to prom. But he has to figure out how to stop himself from decaying, or eating other students, before the prom happens. A classic necrophiliac love comedy. The film covers social mistrust and prejudice so acts as a political satire of the times. It is also of the teen satire in the classic aura of John Hughes. Lots of fun!
Rating: 4 stars out of 5.

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