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The InnKeepers (R: 2011)

The InnKeepers(Rated R: Released in 2011)

*Director: Ti West * Writer: Ti West * Starring: Sara Paxton, Pat Healy, Kelly McGillis, and many others. * *

A great classic horror flick about a haunted Inn consumed by the spirit of a bride who lost her life in the hotel. The story tells the tale of events following with a couple of part-time novice paranormal investigators who are the “innkeepers” of the Yankee Pedlar Inn and seek to solve the mysteries of the darkness that resides within its walls before this particular piece of history is demolished to a parking lot. They investigate the disturbing events while balancing their time between sleep and caring for their hotel guests. Horrors unfold as Claire and Luke receive more than they asked for …. I found the film to be entertaining, haunting, and well done. Good tale. Rating: 4 stars out of 5. [rating:4]

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Cabin in the Woods (R: 2012)

Cabin in the Woods (R: 2012)

Cabin in the Woods ~ (Rated R: 2012) * Director: Drew Goddard. * Written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard. * Starring: Kristen Connolly as Dana; Chris Hemsworth as Curt; Anna Hutchison as Jules; Fran Kranz as Marty; Jesse Williams as Holden; Richard Jenkins as Sitterson; Bradley Whitford as Hadley; Brian White as Truman and many others.

Within the last several years Hollywood and the film industry has been evolving and expanding the classical monster tale, as we watched through the ages meandering from Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Werewolf, and Count Dracula towards a whole different species of Werewolves, vampires, and zombies. Then came the serial killers obsessed with pain, torture, maiming, and realistic grotesque murder sprees self styled after Ted Bundy, Fred West, or Jeffrey Dalmer only to exaggerate to supernatural tales of Halloween, Friday the 13th, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Now a new sense of horror, going back to supernatural beliefs on Witches, Druids, Spirits, and creatures from the races of Darker Faeries come crawling out from their sidhe with vicious mermaids and mer-men, leprechauns, gremlins, goblins, orcs, giants, and titans. The Old God/desses are being brought back to life. What one would imagine would be a typical hack n’ slash film by the title of “Cabin in the Woods” turned to a conspiracy theorie, Dark ancient Deities tale of human sacrifice at a high corporate level ploy to satiate the “ancient ones”. None other than a tale weaved by Buffy’s Joss Whedon to give that twisted plot some fantastical depth. These five friends go on vacation to a remote cabin in the woods, only to find them trapped and manipulated in a pseudo-realm where they are lined up to voluntarily sacrifice themselves to the dark spirits.

The five college-aged kids head off to a friend’s cabin in the woods and lose all communication with the outside world. During “party time” and unwinding, the cellar door mysteriously flips open, only to involved a truth or “dare” to investigate the darkness. Within is a treasure trove of artifacts, each with a secret and a beast to unleash. Meanwhile they are monitored by a high tech secret lab where the white coats bet on which creature they will face – Pinhead, the Mer-man, flesh eating zombies, a ghoul, or a prehistoric monster of dinosaur proportions. Dana reads from the diary of an imbred hillybilly family thereby awakening the now family of deadly murderous zombies. But this is not the only laboratory experiment of what supernatural creatures will be unleashed, as the lab coats are monitoring similar setups from around the world, hopeful of a successful stint with the cabin. As each of the college kids get knocked off, the ploy backfires as the “virgin” saved for the last, teamed up with the brainy pot-head discover the conspiracy and find their way down into depths uncovering an ancient temple lair holding back the ancient Titans from destroying the Earth – satiated by an annual sacrifice that was planned. None of the scenarios work out for the guardians and literally “all hell breaks loose” as magical and supernatural beings, creatures, and monsters look at the lab coats and armed forces as a smorgasboard brunch. The Director of the agency, played by Sigourney Weaver, tells them the truth that the ritual involving sacrifice of the Whore (Jules), the Athlete (Curt), the Scholar (Holden), the Fool (Marty), and the Virgin (Dana) was to appease the “Ancient Ones” who lived beneath the facility. They had to die in archetypical order until the virgin remained. Werewolves, mer-creatures, unicorns, ghouls, zombies, and a giant serpent take their wraith. The Ancient ones rise to destroy the facility and the cabin. While an element of “kitch” and whacky elements loomed over the film, the special effects and deep mythical supernatural plot humored and entertained me. [Rating:4] Rating of four stars out of five. ~ Reviewed by Leaf McGowan.

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Skeleton Key (R: 2005) ~

Skeleton Key (R – 2005)
Directed by Iain Softley
Actors/Actresses: Kate Hudson …. Caroline Ellis. Gena Rowlands …. Violet Devereaux, John Hurt …. Ben Devereaux, Peter Sarsgaard …. Luke, Joy Bryant …. Jill, Maxine Barnett …. Mama Cynthia, Fahnlohnee R. Harris …. Hallie (as Fahnlohnee Harris), Marion Zinser …. Bayou Woman, Deneen Tyler …. Desk Nurse, Ann Dalrymple …. C.N.A., Trula M. Marcus …. Nurse Trula (as Trula Marcus), Tonya Staten …. Nurse Audrey, Thomas Uskali …. Robertson Thorpe (as Tom Uskali), Jen Apgar …. Madeleine Thorpe, Forrest Landis …. Martin Thorpe

Skeleton Key

Wow … what a well done – Southern swamp voodoo hoodoo horror story packed with ghosts, hoodoo, and Louisiana flavor. I want to go to New Orleans right now! Its a tale of a caregiver nurse who wants to home care for an elderly gent out on a rickety haunted plantation in the middle of the swamps. She quickly finds herself surrounded by Hoodoo and spirits quickly adapting to taking on the arts herself but being given a surprise of her life. A 5 stars out of 5 stars rating film. Must see!

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The Return (2006: PG-13)

The Return (2006: Rated PG-13)
Directed by Asif Kapadia. Starring: Sam Shepard …. Ed Mills, Darrian McClanahan …. Young Joanna Mills, Wally Welch …. Snack Stand Vendor, J.C. MacKenzie …. Griff & Young Griff, Sarah Michelle Gellar …. Joanna Mills, Frank Ertl …. Ambrose Miller, and many more.
Another great role for Sarah Michelle Gellar, as she plays Joanna Mills, a sweet child that becomes disturbed after a ‘return from the dead’ traffic wreck with her father. She’s haunted by visions and spirits of the past, as she’s grown up as a woman, still falling back to delusions she had as a child. But are they delusions? A mystery unfolds and terror awaits as she returns to a small Texas town and discovers a horrid past and solves her own murder. Incredible plot and great screenplay. Highly enjoyed this film. Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5. Viewed 11/18/06.
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Gravedancers (R: 2006)

Gravedancers (2006: Rated R),
Directed by: Mike Mendez (The Convent, Killers); Written by: Brad Keene and Chris Skinner; Starring: Clare Kramer (House, The Rules of Attraction) Dominic Purcell (Prison Break, North Shore); and many more.
Four oldschool classic high school friends reunite at a funeral of their fourth member of their quartet. After some drinks together, they decide to properly celebrate and mourn his passing – by going to the cemetery at night. They discover a weird card left on the gravestone, and reading the spell out loud while dancing on some random graves (that turned out to be undesireables and psychopath murderers) they awaken them from their graves for a serial haunting of classic proportions. Teamed up with a University parapsychologists, they seek to save their appointment with death. Can they do it? Its a haunting class tale. Must see. Rating: 5 stars out of 5. Viewed 11/18/06.
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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (R: 2008)

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (R:2008)
Director: Rob Cohen. Starring: Brendan Fraser … Rick O’Connell; Jet Li … Emperor Han; Maria Bello … Evelyn O’Connell; John Hannah … Jonathan Carnahan; Michelle Yeoh … Zi Juan; Luke Ford … Alex O’Connell; Isabella Leong … Lin; and many more.

The Mummy returns to the blockbuster screen with a new twist as the adventure goes to Asia instead of Egypt. The retired couple O’Connell’s decide to go back to work as they take an offer they couldn’t turn down where they are ployed into resurrecting the Han Emperor (Jet Li) and go through a quest ranging from the catacombs of ancient China into the frigid Himilayas. Rick (Brendan Fraser) reunites with his son who joins the adventure – Father, son, wife, brother – a family affair off to stop a 2,000 year old mummy curse that threatens the existence of life as we know it. An immortal double-crossing sorceress assists them in stopping the Dragon Emperor and his 10,000 warriors that are the silent terra cotta army that comes alive. Great adventure and twists … even though I liked the first movies best, this one was worth its weight in terra cotta. Rating: 4 stars out of 5.

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The Haunting in Connecticut (PG-13: 2009)

The Haunting in Connecticut

The Haunting in Connecticut * PG-13: 2009 *

Director: Peter Cornwell. Starring: Virginia Madsen … Sara Campbell; Kyle Gallner … Matt Campbell; Elias Koteas … Reverend Popescu; Amanda Crew … Wendy; Martin Donovan … Peter Campbell; and many others.

An incredibly sensational film about the telling of the story about the infamous “Haunting in Connecticut” on the big screens with the horror-all of Hollywood special effects and dramatization. The film starts out with a struggling mother named Sara who is trying to deal with her son Matt’s battle with cancer. They have to get a new house in Southington in order to be close to the hospital. Matt choses the basement so that he doesn’t disturb the family with his treatment’s side effects of late night visits to the bathroom and screams of pain. The basement however turns into a perplexing mystery as there is a door that he can’t get open. Dreams (or hallucinations from the medication he is testing) start to show horrorful and disturbed spirit unrest. He starts seeing things during waking hours that no one else is seeing. His family becomes affected. He discovers that the door leads to a former morgue. The horrors of what took place in the morgue and the house begin to present violent and supernatural events upon the family as Matt becomes possessed by the spirit of Jonah who is involved with the horrors that the mad doctor conducted in the basement. Matt discovers photos of the dead, box of human eyelids, and records that seances were conducted in the basement as well. As Matt and his friends investigate the house, they find the previous owner, Doctor Aickman was the madman behind the madness that has trapped dozens of disturbed spirits in the house. Aickman was conducting necromancy on the corpses to enhance Jonah’s abilities as a medium, and instead of burying the bodies in the cemetery like the public thought he had, he ripped their eyelids from them and stacked the corpses into the walls of the house. A fellow patient of Matt’s, a former minister named Nicholas, helps unravel the haunting mystery. It’s a crazy story based on a true incident. Very exciting tale. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5.

The Haunting in Connecticut movie trailer

What really happened with the Haunting in Connecticut

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