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Cinemark Tinseltown (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Cinemark Tinseltown
1545 E Cheyenne Mountain Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Phone: (719) 576-5082

Review by Leaf McGowan/Thomas Baurley, Technogypsie Productions ~

A enormous and fancy high capacity stadium-like seating theater complex with reclining and assigned seats. Always an enjoyable experience and one of my favorite theaters to visit. Luckily for the healthier junk-food minded, there is a cafe where you can get food that takes a little longer to make, your Starbucks addiction, ice cream on a cone, milkshakes, and what-not. There is also a bar, but unfortunately it’s part of the concession-maze screw-up (wasn’t always like that). The theater possesses a Hollywood charm, great rich extravagant decor and film, you really are placed into movie-land with this experience. The staff is friendly and go out of their way to help you. Free refills on large popcorns and drinks, and with the rewards program, not to hard to build up 75 points to get $2 off of them. They always have a great array of films and newly released blockbusters. Also one of the few theaters in town that has morning matinees. Every Tuesday it’s less than $6 a ticket. The hands down best theater in Colorado Springs. Rating: 5 stars out of 5 (2018) (formerly was 4.75 out of 5 because of the concession maze which they fixed) [Concessions maze is awkward and an all out failure – that would be the worst part of the theater. (They did away with this former monstrosity, thanks to complaints from patrons – Thank you!)]

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Movie Pass

Movie Pass

Long ago, this was “By far the most amazing and spectacular deal that oddly very few know about” (as I had promoted when it was considered “golden”), and was the fantastical premiere entertainment pass known as “Movie Pass”. The way it used to operate was quite simple – you subscribe at for $9.95 a month and in 8-10 days you’ll receive a beautiful credit card called “Movie Pass”. You download the app and when you want to go to any of the 6,000+ movie theaters in America, you drive up, log into the app, select your movie time, then go to either stand in line at the ticket booth or use the kiosk, select the movie, your seats if applicable, and use the card to pay for the movie. When you registered using the app, Moviepass uploaded the exact ticket price to the card, and you are set to go. It used to be that “You can go to one movie every day as long as your subscription is active.” (2019: This is no longer true) In 2017-2018 I couldn’t express more how amazing this offer was to my friends. I would say “Hurry now as you never know how long it’ll run”. Well that clock finally ticked no more. The only problem at that time with the program is you could’t get the pass in the mail quick enough! Now it is riddled with problems and on its way out. Rating: 1 stars out of 5 Formerly Rating: 5 stars out of 5 (Winter 2017/Spring 2018) :: So far, I’ve used it twice – seeing “Paddington Bear 2” and “The Commuter” – no snags whatsoever. In fact originally wanted to see Jumanji and by the time i got through the line to the ticket agent it sold out and was able to instantly just pay for Paddington Bear with it so I could see with my son. 1/15/18.

UPDATE: Around February / March 2018 – Movie Pass began starting to force movie-goers to photograph their tickets after purchase which became a severe annoyance and hassle. This ticket verification is a major pain. Then in April 2018 they are restricting the ability to see a movie more than once de-valuing the deal. Still a discount, just not as good. Dropping their rating from a 5 out of 5 to a 4 out of 5.

Late June, early July Movie Pass began restricting first run/premiere movies and threatened a surcharge for those viewing them. This never really fully sunk in. The company continuously developed ways for viewers not to get the full promise they offered in the beginning. It also became harder to log in and out to change accounts if you and your family have multiple cards working on one phone, and sometimes the theater listings won’t load up.

On July 27th, 2018 Movie Pass ran out of money stranding thousands of movie-goers from seeing their promised films. The company had to take out a multi-million dollar loan to keep going. They were back up in 24 hours. They had to make some changes, including limiting customers to only 3 free movies per month (standard, not new release) with a $3-5 dollar discount on additional movies. This caused the service to drop to a rating of 2 stars out of 5.

January 2019: I cancelled my movie pass around August 2018. I do not recommend it and see it as a complete waste of money. Their limitations on what you can see and when makes it a rip-off now. I predict this company shutting its doors soon. Get out while you can. I have replaced it with the incredible competitor replacement, which I couldn’t recommend more ecstatically, the AMC A-LIST. It’s a guarantee A-List is better than Movie Pass. In fact A-List this week announced it just hit over 17 Million members.

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Geostorm (PG-13: 2017)

Rated: PG-13
Released: 2017
Starring: Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish

Watch live on Amazon / Details on IMDB

Comes the world when global warming has created such a grand crisis that all nations had to join forces to fight natural catastrophes. Building a space station with thousands of satellites used to control the weather, the nicknamed “Dutch Boy” system is just about to be passed off to the United Nations from the USA. A fight to maintain control of the protector now turned weapon, destruction of cities and countries, and targeting world dominance, the greedy, ugly, and soul smashing villain goes all out to get what they want. Its left up to the creator to figure out what’s going on. Emblazoned within a family relationship and struggle, the binds of blood saves the day, but not before hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, deep freezes and heat waves devastate the planet. Will the earth survive? Rated: 4 stars out of 5 Reviewed by Leaf McGowan, 10/22/17

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Shakefest 2012: May 26th – Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Ireland

2012 Shake Fest: Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Ireland

Shakefest 2012
May 26-27th, 2012 * Charleville Castle * Tullamore * Ireland * *

This year will be Shakefest’s “7th” Annual Dance and multi-cultural festival held at the historic epic Charleville Castle. The festival grounds is starting to bustle with activity as preparations are in the flow to welcome local and international community, visitors, friends, and family to celebrate culture. Since 2006, Shakefest has been bringing together an eclectic mix of Middle Eastern, Cultural Dance, and Artistic Workshops ending with a multi-cultural evening of dance performances. This year, Shakefest is expanding into more folklore, diversity, performance art, crafts, and themes for all ages, sexes, and cultures. This year features numerous workshops, classes, performances, and activities such as a “Faerie Glen” to get lost in, A “Madhatter’s Tea Party”, A bouncy Pirate Ship, Indian Cuisine, Performances by Tullamore’s “The Red Embers”, Galway Bellydance, Appolonia Tribal Bellydance, Sheeoneh, Nicole Volmering, and Aoife Hardiman.

Joana Saahirah ~ photo courtesy of Shakefest

This year’s International Guest Instructor is Oriental Dancer Joana Saahirah of Cairo, Egypt providing authentic education on Egyptian History and Folklore as well as Oriental Dance instruction in Classical, Saiidi and Alexandria of Mellaya styles. Declan Kiely will host a special workshop on how to “Dance like Michael Jackson”. Hip Hop, Jazz, Poi & Ribbon Dancing, Bachata and Argentinian Tango classes are also offered. There will also be African dance, poetry, open-mic sessions, a kid’s gigantic Dragonfly and butterfly hunt, punch and judy, juggling & stiltwalking by Stagecraft Ireland, Drum Circles, and a magic show. This year will also be breaking ground on a live history section with the KHI Medieval Re-enactors treating audiences to combat simulations of the Crusader’s Knight’s Templar with medieval tents, a full try-on armoury and archery for all ages.

KHI Medieval Re-enactors ~ photo courtesy of Shakefest

Featured musical performances by 40’s Swinging The Bugle Babes, Our Annual Multi-cultural Hafla, daring fire show by The Red Embers & Babylon’s Inferno, The North Strand Kontra Band from North Dublin. Dazzling Romanian and Bulgarian instrumental band is expected to finish off the fest with explosive energy and lively dance accompanied by original and traditional tunes from clarinet, saxophone, trombone, keys, banjo, double bass, and drums. If you’re travelling through Ireland this weekend or live in the magical isles, this event is not to be missed. Gates open at Noon on Saturday the 26th with admission only €10 general entry, €10 camping, €20 family day pass or only €15 for evening entertainment.  All proceeds will be going towards Charleville Castle Restoration Fund – Operation ‘Raise The Roof’ project in which money will be raised towards putting a protective roof on the castle chapel. We’ll be covering this event, so come back here for photos, review, and the stories we weave from the experience …

North Strand Kontra Band ~ photo courtesy of Shakefest

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Cirque Du Soleil’s “Alegría” (Dublin, Ireland) ~ April 25-29, 2012

Allegria - Cirque du soleil

Allegria - Cirque du soleil

Allegria – Cirque du soleil
– April 25-29, 2012. Dublin, Ireland *

Coming soon to Dublin is the world infamous monumental “Cirque Du Soleil” with their astonishing troupe and show “Alegría”. It’s a mood and a state of mind after which the show is named. Coming from the Spanish term for “jubilation” the troupe will show power and the handing down of it through time with artistic demonstrations of the evolution of ancient monarchies to modern democracies, old age, youth, and the cycles of time. With the King’s fools, minstrels, beggars, old aristocrats, and children making up the show’s universe speckled with clowns, they come again to stun their audiences. I’ve been fortunate to experience this amazing show of acrobats, music, performance, arts, stilt-walking, fire art, juggling, comedy, clowning, and breathe death-defying feats. Mesmerized by the costumes, stage design, arts, illusions, super-human body twisting and endurance … I’ve been addicted to the Cirque since I first saw them in the early 1990’s at their home arena in Quebec. Definitely a not to miss show when they come to town. Unfortunately we don’t have the funds to see this show while it hits Dublin this year, but for those that can afford it, definitely go out for a time of your life. You will not only be amazed and whirl-winded, but tingled to sheer ecstasy. If for some reason we do find a way to go via winning tickets or being gifted with them, we’ll definitely add on to this review with a stunning report. ~ Tom Baurley

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2012 ShakeFest

2012 Shake Fest: Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Ireland

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