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I was introduced to this video game by my 5 year old son … who by watching youtube videos learned how to play it completely on his own. I’m not a fan of video games as I believe they are a complete waste of time. I’d rather be blogging. However i did see an increase in agility, concentration, learning, growth, and development of his mind since he took on this hobby. Apparently, Minecraft being such a infamous game amongst the youth, is notably known to teach kids how to code. I’m all for that. It is defined as a sandbox video game that was created by Markus Persson in Sweden. It was later developed by Mojang. The game presents players with a block-based 3-D gaming environment that they can completely manipulate and be creative with by moving blocks, digging, breaking, and developing. It can be played solitary or in multi-play. The game focuses on exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and combat. The game offers multi-player modes online as well as a survival mode that requires players to build a world, eat, maintain health, and interact. It is a award winning program and is embedded in social media, merchandising, and a conference called MineCON. By 2018 it sold over 144 million copies of the game making it the second best selling video game of all time.

In 2019, my 5 year old has asked for me to play with him through the “multiplayer” function and use of servers. I am at a conundrum getting this set up for my son, and it has quite a bit of complexity in order to do so. I was unsuccessful trying to get it setup so that one of could play on the laptop and the other on the kindle. Thanks to my brother Dr. Mangor, a great tutorial he shared for setting up a Minecraft server on your own computer can be found here: I was unsuccessful I believe because i was attempting to do it on a hotel shared WiFi signal. Here is also a great place to check on server status

Rated: 4 of 5 stars. ~ Review by Leaf McGowan/Thomas Baurley, Technogypsie Productions ~

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