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Primeval (2007: R)

Primeval (R, 2007)
Directed by Michael Katleman; starring: Dominic Purcell …. Tim Manfrey; Brooke Langton …. Aviva Masters; Orlando Jones …. Steven Johnson; Jürgen Prochnow …. Jacob Krieg; Gideon Emery …. Mathew Collins; Gabriel Malema …. Jojo; and many more. Investigating mass graves in Africa, a world-renown forensic anthropologist is severely dismembered and killed; a world press seeks to find out the truth and to catch her killer – an expedition is sent off to the wilds of Africa – only to find themselves in the turmoil of civil war, witnesses to an assassination, and prey to the area’s most notable predator. Some moments through the movie will make you jump out of your seat in similar fashion to the first theater viewings of Jaws and the Blair Witch. If you like horror films of nature vs. man, this one will satisfy your palate…. 4.5 stars out of 5.

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