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Chronicle (R: 2012)

Chronicle (PG-13: 2012)

Chronicle (PG-13: 2012)
Director: Josh Trank. Starring: Dane DeHaan; Alex Russell; Michael B. Jordan; Michael Kelly; Ashley Hinshaw; and many more.
It’s the atypical “mutant” skill flick about three teens who develop super powers from a meteorite. Clash “Smallville”, “The Craft” with “Push” and you’ve got “Chronicle”. The three kids: A popular jock, a yuppie, and a loner all gain telekenetic powers while exploring a cave outside a rave. They learn to harness the powers until it takes from them all that they have. Good effects, great flick, but two redundant on every other superpower movie. Its a bit overdone. Rating: 4 stars out of 5.

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