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Apocalypto (2006: R)

Apocalypto (2006: Rated R)
Directed by Mel Gibson. Starring: Rudy Youngblood …. Jaguar Paw; Dalia Hernandez …. Seven; Jonathan Brewer …. Blunted; Morris Birdyellowhead …. Flint Sky; Carlos Emilio Baez …. Turtles Run; Ramirez Amilcar …. Curl Nose; Israel Contreras …. Smoke Frog; Israel Rios …. Cocoa Leaf, and many more.
It’s a haunting tale of history, of omen, and of prophecy – dazzled in the history of the Mayans facing their demise as they have deforested their surroundings, met plague, and hunger, and in a rampage of violence, gore, and mutilation shows the harvesting of Mayan tribes in the forest to join the assembly line of head slicing, head rolling sacrifices to the Sun God for salvation and cures. The prophetic Jaguar warrior will bring on the Apocalypse and the end of the world as they know it. Filmed at Catamaco, the last tracks of rainforest left in Mexico, and in Veracruz with a cast of indigineous crew. Alot of research and history was drudged up in the film making, and correspondence with Dr. Richard Hansen, an reknown archaeologist and expert on the Maya served as a consultant on the film. Very real and very invigorating, passionate, and terrifying … this film is a must see. Rating: 5+ stars out of 5. Viewed 12/12/06. 


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