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Spring Break Shark Attack (NR: 2005)

Spring Break Shark Attack
(NR: 2005)
Director: Paul Shapiro. Starring: Shannon Lucio; Riley Smith; and many others.

Ok, this is totally a “Jaws” meets “Spring Break” wanna-be flick, but it has some of its own entertaining points of value. Paul Shapiro brings a school of human-craving sharks into the hotspot of Spring Break activities. Of course you have the innocent sheltered young teen (named Danielle) sneaking off to Florida for Spring Break fun with her friends. She of course falls for a good-natured local named Shane who runs the boat charter business for his mom. There of course is the jock who is unwanted and stoops to criminal degrees to get the girl he wants. Danielle’s older brother Charlie is a marine biologist investigating a new reef in the area – and the mess of them stumble into something quite sinister going on at the beach as swimmers start disappearing. Turns out a school of Tiger sharks have an appetite for the scantily-clad. It’s definitely a B-rate of its own accord, and not many Shark attack movies can compete with Jaws these days, but kudos to those that try. Rating 2.5 stars out of 5.

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