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Wanderlust ~ is an all too familiar addiction, emotion, and zeal of most travellers, Gypsies, Tinkers, Nomads, and wanderers. What is Wanderlust?


    Wanderlust: –noun - a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about. (Origin: 1850–55; < G, equiv. to wander(n) to wander + Lust desire; see lust).

Technogypsies are full of Wanderlust. So are Techno-Tinkers, Techno-Travellers, and Techno-Nomads. It is more than an addiction. It's a lifestyle. It's a culture. It's a Way of Life. Within these pages we'll be bringing you guides to travel, travelogues, adventures, quests, and stories from our wanderings around the world. We invite you to contribute as well. Are you a Technogypsie? Do you have fantastic travel tales? Join us today and be part of our network. We want to read your adventures. Email us at
Or Join our fellowship and become part of our creations.

Here we will share travel tips, travel reports, reviews, great photogalleries of places we've been, where we suggest to go, and travel tales from our resident Techno-Gypsies, tinkers, nomads, and wanderers.

Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf and Prince Cian

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