Technogypsie Productions is a collaborative studio and art house that specializes in art, design, photography, writing, publishing, and editing services. It is also a nomadic global exploration entity that has the main purpose of exploring the world(s) around it, collecting its unique details, art, lore, and knowledge, and providing those findings to its family, friends, members, fans, and customers. This is done to “preserve” the variety of art, lore, culture, music, and wisdom within the world by means of “preservation” and by dissemination of knowledge. By purchasing the services, art, found treasures, or gifts provided by Technogypsie Productions, you help support independent adventurers, explorers, storytellers, folklorists and artists with doing what they do best … Within these pages are the found treasures, photography, adventures, stories, artwork, collections, services, publications, and findings created, inspired, or discovered through their journeys and explorations.

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Travel Reviews Blogs Writing Photography About Research Quests Art Design bodypainting Education Lore 2019: An exciting year is in the works with a festival tour this late Spring through Summer bringing you more unique, hand-crafted treasures. 2018: A rough year as we began to re-structure and move back to focusing on handcrafts. We also bounce monthly our operations from Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. Look forward to a new e-commerce experience in 2019! 2017: We relocated back to the magical shadows of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains, nestling in Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs. Focusing on studying and researching the folklore of magic waters, hot springs, and completing our writing project. Life transitions for the founders made some changes to our operations. 2016: We were back on track with archaeological expeditions, adventures, surveys, and studies all along the Pacific Northwest and California coast. By September, we relocated back to our old tromping grounds of Colorado to research natural springs and sacred waters. 2015: In January we completed another quest to Ireland, collecting treasures and bringing them back for sale at The Leaf and Dragon and recording more holy wells, faerie sacred sites, and mapping the mysteries of Ireland. We began gearing up for an exciting new year packed full of adventures and expeditions. 201:4 had shown a lot of evolution for the nomadic journey as we embedded our office within “The Leaf and Dragon in historic Ashland, Oregon. We had vended the Spring Faerie Festival in Washington, Faeriecon in Seattle, the Faerie Human Relations Congress in Twisp Washington, and later this summer Faerieworlds in Eugene, Oregon and Sacred Alchemy in Bellingham, Washington. It had been a very exciting year. 2013: has been an adventurous year as we traveled completely around the USA hitting Elf Fest, New York Faerie Festival, Starwood, and Faerieworlds. We relocated to Blodgett, Oregon – the home of our new headquarters and are investigating opening a shop on the Oregon Coast. Cheaper sales are now enacted as we no longer have sales tax. Look forward to upcoming events, workshops, classes, and tours coming this way!

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