New Mailing Address:

On Expedition, Technogypsie Treasures is currently located in the Inland Empire of California.

The “Technogypsie Treasures” collection was part of the Tree Leaves’ Oracle Art Collective located within the Leaf and Dragon Shoppe at 33 North First street Suite 1 in Ashland, Oregon. We will be taking our collection on tour annually to various festivals and events across the countryside. The Leaf and Dragon store front is no longer in existence as of March 2015.

In August of 2013 we relocated from Columbia, South Carolina to Blodgett, Oregon. With Oregon as our new home, means more affordable prices as Oregon has NO SALES TAX!

Our New Headquarters are within the Leaf and Dragon in Ashland, Oregon from June 1st, 2014 to Present. Our former headquarters August 2013-May 2014 was in Blodgett/Eddyville, Oregon.

Our Current Mailing address is:

Technogypsie Productions
12189 7th Street #106
Yucaipa, California 92399

Our phone number is the same: 1-800-605-9705
Our email address is the same: or

Our global shop is slowly getting its products and gifts uploaded!

Technogypsie Treasures & Services is Live!

Our web shop is open for business as of August 5th, 2012. We’ll have new listings available daily from our found treasures, gifts, collectibles, art, photos, publications, and services ready for your viewing, purchase, and shipping. We’re embarking on a grand journey this month and next to re-open our warehouse and relocate it to our Charleston, South Carolina office – so many more products and services will be offered in the next two months.

We’re travelling from our Dublin, Ireland office to Scotland, then Iceland, and on to our storage facility in Colorado. We’ll be taking a road trip relocating our gifts and merchandise from Colorado, and collecting new surprises and treasures from the trip on through New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and to our port in Charleston, South Carolina. You can keep up with the travel tales and adventures in our blogs at Technogypsie Travels and Tales and Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf.

Currently, we only have our Graphic Design and Web Design Services, Bumper Stickers, and Decals uploaded for your access. Check back daily for our daily updates.

Welcome to Technogypsie Treasures!

Welcome to the collection of art, treasures, and gifts being offered by Technogypsie Productions. Our journeys and adventures are wide and far … bringing us to collect various natural items, found art, gifts, collectibles, designs, artwork, and useful items we’re sharing with you from our explorations. A treasure trove of variety we plan to bring you as often as we discover new items.

Our shopping cart goes live pretty soon …. Welcome to Technogypsie Treasures 2012!