Tarot Reading: Yes/No Question (Skype, E-mail, Phone, or in-person)

$15.00 (USD) per unit

A Tarot Card reading answer to a Yes / No Question that is on your mind. This can relate to yourself, family, community, love, career, life, travel, or any other query on your mind. 5 Cards are drawn and based on the number of cards displayed from upright to reversed position determines how much of a Yes/No the response is. If 5 Cards are upright, it is a 90-100% Yes. If 4 Cards are upright, it is a 70-80% Yes. If 3 Cards are upright, it is a 50-60% Yes. If 2 Cards are upright, it is a 70-80% No. If 1 Card is upright, it is a 80-90% No. If all Cards are reversed, if is a 90-100% No. Each card has symbology and meanings to help explain the answer in order to assist you in determining why the answer is such.

With the purchase of this reading, you will receive a Adobe Acrobat E-Document in PDF format asking you several questions about your query, who you are, and what is on your mind as well as required methods to contact you back to deliver your results. Upon completing this form, press the submit button or email the completed form to us at darkleaves@gmail.com. Within 24 hours to 2 days, Leaf McGowan – our Diviner will review your query and questions, conduct the reading, take a photo of your card reading, and e-mail you the results with a document including photos and explanation of your results. If you are in our local area of our shop The Tree Leaves’ Oracle or at a festival where we are presenting, you can alternatively have this reading done in person. Notate such in the form and a appointment will be arranged for you. If you are not local or do not want to meet in person, you can also have the reading done over Skype or by telephone. If this is your desire, please include your contact details and a appointment will be made for you. Otherwise, via e-mail – your results (photos and explanation) will be submitted to the e-mail address you provide. You are also given a 2 day window after your reading to contact Leaf directly for any additional concerns, questions, or advice about your provided reading. (Questions must relate to the reading only)

Tarot readings can be achieved through an assortment of tarot decks or divination means. Technically, the cards can be blank. It is a channeling process of information surrounding a question that is determined by fate. Fate is a natural process of one’s course of action if let be on its natural course of flow. Free Will is our ability to change that course, route, or action. Intuition and Instinct are natural abilities to balance Fate with Free Will. Tarot readings don’t usually reveal anything that you don’t already know otherwise you wouldn’t be asking the question that is already on your mind. It is a method for pinpointing the natural intuition and instinct surrounding a question that riddles your mind. The benefit to Divination, is to peek around the corner and see if your actions is in line of what you desire your end result to be – and if you like what you see, you know that you just need to continue with your course of action. If you don’t like what you see, you know you need to change your course and actions. Daily we make decisions that change or affect our intended fates. Divination is a process to assist with results and end actions.

Your reading is conducted by Leaf McGowan, A Diviner, Oracle, and psychic. He reads cards and oracles for those in need of divination, augery, and/or guidance. Spiritual guide and leader for numerous magical groups, groves, and covens – Leaf is both a Druid, Witch, and a Faeid.

As “Akhenaten” and “Oisinu”, Leaf served as coven organizer and high priest for several covens in the Tallahassee, Florida area from 1986-1999 including Spirit Song Tribe that was part of the Tree Leaves’ Folk Fellowship. As “Cypress Knee” Leaf served as Senior Druid for the ADF Wakulla Cypress Grove in Tallahassee, Florida from 1991-1993 and the Ancient Forests Protogrove in Eugene, Oregon in 1993. He served as a coordinator and co-nest organizer for the CAW Outpost Nest in Eugene Oregon at the same time. He served as Regalia Director for ADF from 1992-1994. He has served as Director for The Tree Leaves’ Folk Fellowship from 1991 to the present. He also served as Editor for The Tree Leaves’ Oracle journal from 1991-2003. He has also taught “Introduction to Neo-Paganism”, “Introduction to Magic”, “Introduction to Witchcraft”, “Druidism 101”, “Druidism 202”, “Creating Magical Spaces”, “Intro to Folk Magic”, “Magical Songs Workshop”, “Introduction to Divination”, “Candlemaking 101”, “How to Make Incense”, “How to Make Oils, Brews, and Ointments”, “Massage Oil Workshop”, “Bathsalts Workshop”, and “Magical Theory” from 1991-2003 for a variety of schools and organizations such as Tree Leaves’ Folk Fellowship, “Free Spirit”, Wakulla Cypress Grove ADF, Ancient Forests Protogrove, Center for Participant Education at Florida State University, and many smaller groups.

Leaf offers Tarot and Oracle readings using Reed’s The Witches’ Tarot, Froud’s The Faeries Oracle, The Druid Animal Oracle, and The Celtic Tree Oracle. He also utilizes scrying, pendulum, oracular body painting, tea leaf readings, and palmistry on occasion during full readings.

Leaf is based in “The Leaf and Dragon, the conjoined shoppe of The Tree Leaves’ Oracle and The Jelling Dragon in downtown Ashland, Oregon. Appointments can be made at the shop for the base prices listed below. Group rates are also available as well as for parties, shows, festivals, fundraisers, nightclubs, and events. Leaf has professional read and relayed oracles in Australia, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland, most of the United States, and parts of Canada and Mexico.

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